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TaroWorks 6.0 Release Webinar

Wednesday, July 17 at 10:30am EDT / 2:30pm GMT

​​​​We're excited to announce TaroWorks 6.0, with our integration with mobile money records! 

TaroWorks 6.0 features an integration with Beyonic's powerful mobile money platform, so successful collection transaction data can be synced to TaroWorks, empowering your field agents with the latest payment/repayment status on their clients. Join to hear from Beyonic as they share more about their capabilities and share their interface.

We'll be showcasing these new features:
  • Mobile money integration: Sync successful collection transactions data to field agents' mobile devices. With special guest Beyonic!
  • Image compressionCustomize the image size for photos that field agents send in from the field
  • Offline Jobs Integration toggle: Turn local record referencing between Jobs on or off
Can't make it to the webinar but want to receive the recording? Making sure you register!