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Webinar: Adapting Field Operations During Covid-19 Using Mobile Tech

DATE: Wednesday, August 12, 2020
TIME: 10:30am EDT / 2:30pm GMT

The State of Field Activities: The global Covid-19 pandemic has caused nonprofits and social enterprises working in remote communities to pause and re-examine their field operations to determine how important business functions can be continued while ensuring the health and safety of customers and field staff. 

Organizations working in emerging markets are developing ways to bring more work online, change business methods or alter existing operations to ensure essential worker safety. When core field activities must continue, how are organizations rethinking their operations and adapting systems to accommodate their clients?

Examples From the Field: Please join our webinar to learn how three organizations using TaroWorks' offline mobile field service app to deliver sanitation services, provide clean energy products and enhance supply chain management are deploying mobile and cloud technology to serve customers and beneficiaries while keeping their field agents safe.

Our panel includes:

  • Erica Lloyd, SOIL HAITI, Director of Research and Innovation
  • Alicia Oberholzer, SOLAR SISTER, Impact Associate
  • Jessica Murcia Poulsen, SOLIDARIDAD NETWORK, ICT Development and Program Specialist, Central America,Mexico and The Caribbean

If You Can't Attend: We'll send the webinar recording to everyone who registers for the live session, so if you can't make it, do sign up to receive the recording and related information. 

Image Source: NurseTogether via CC BY-SA

Update: Watch Completed Webinar

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