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TaroWorks Webinar: Offline Mobile App - Last Mile Expense Tracking

Wednesday, May 29th at 10:30am EDT / 2:30pm GMT

Organizations working in the last mile of emerging markets need to track results of field agent activities, but also monitor expenses and time spent by remote field staff. Getting these administrative processes digitized with an offline mobile app lets you spend more time focusing on programs and business operations.

Register for this free webinar to learn how small businesses use the TaroWorks mobile field app and Salesforce.com's cloud database to track field team expenses, timesheets and vehicle usage, even when they're offline.  Jack Atkinson-Willes from Iluméxico (a solar energy provider) and Bill Owiti from the BOMA Project (a graduation program fostering female entrepreneurship) will share how they're using an offline mobile app in rural Mexico and Kenya.

We'll send the webinar recording to everyone who registers for the live session, so if you can't make it, do sign up to receive the recording and related information. 

What Is TaroWorks?

We're a social enterprise launched by Grameen Foundation to sell a mobile offline field service management app that helps data, project and program managers collect and analyze metrics in the field, oversee sales teams, manage construction projects, direct supply chains, and increase field agent productivity in emerging markets.

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This event is no longer available. Please contact us if you'd like to request a demo: https://taroworks.org/contact-us/